ICM Advantage Venture Capital Corporation invests in a high growth portfolio of later stage venture companies with strong management teams, commercial products and services, distinguishable competitive advantages and excellent return potential.


Industry Focus


Rapid Growth in Technology

Technology is undergoing rapid growth and disruptive transformation as users continue to adapt mobile technology and undergo a digital transformation.


Digital Age of Agriculture

Food and water remain a crucial resource to a growing global population. Alberta has a rich agriculture industry and technology is increasingly leading to productivity improvements.


Strong Healthcare Fundamentals

An aging population creates necessity to advance diagnostics and treatments as well as improved health care spending efficiencies. Alberta is an emerging leader in life science innovations.



Alberta is spearheading the development, commercialization, deployment and adoption of clean technology to improve energy efficiencies and sustainability across all social, commercial and industrial sectors and organizations.

Investment Upside


Significant Return Potential

Targeting successful and growing businesses in compelling markets with the benefits of portfolio diversification and professional management. 


Rapidly Growing Markets

Exposure to high growth sectors in expanding markets including Technology, Agriculture, Healthcare and Cleantech.

Investment Benefits


Diversified Portfolio

  • Low correlation to public markets

  • Industry diversification

  • Inflation protection

  • Capital preservation

Significant Return Potential

  • High quality management teams

  • Growing businesses

  • Liquidity premiums upon exits

  • Attractive valuations

Risk Management

  • Established track record

  • Considerable transaction, legal and governance experience

  • Management invested directly alongside investors

  • Experienced, trusted Advisory Board

Strong Portfolio Manager

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Board representation where appropriate

  • Strong balance sheets

  • No start ups


  • Nimbleness to transact

  • Access to an asset class that is difficult to acquire

  • Deep pipeline of potential investments and ongoing origination